Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hitsuzen (destiny)

"The moment I met you is not a coincidence, but is a fate. So now I wonder, where will this 'fate' lead me?" <--- Quote of the day, made by yours truly ~

So, I guess the topic today will be fate/destiny. Fated or destined meetings, to be precise. So, anyone believe in that? As cliche as it might sound, I do believe in them. Probably the influence of xxxHOLiC(its a manga and anime, for those who don't know), but I do find fated meetings to be true. This is because that particular meeting will cause a chain reaction,that sometimes can change one's life, be it in a good or bad way, only the parties involved will decide the flow.

I'm pretty sure you will be thinking, what makes me so sure about that? Do I have proof? Or is it mere words? Hmm, in terms of life changing meetings, no, I have yet to experience that but, if it's the ones who helped me learn things in life, then that's a yes.

If it is referring to my quote, it is more inclined towards love. But one must know, a fated meeting is not restricted to love only, but also friendship. In my case, for instance, in my 17 years of life, I have encountered many fated meetings, both in the form of love and friendship. My friendship teaches me, that friends for life does exist, but there's also what we call...fake friends. Those who put on facades in front of us. There's loyal friends too, who stick with you at all times. However,friends can also have things they don't like with us, no matter how good a friend they are. But that is something inevitable, as no one is perfect.

[to be continued]

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