Tuesday, June 21, 2011

YAY!An update! xD

Haha, yes yes I kniow,,, its been a long time since I've updated. Well, can't blame me, I got super super busy these days. Cuz, guess what? I'm now in my 4th week of college life~ hhehe~ Feels great to be a university student. To those who have read my previous entries, yup, I got accepted into UiTM Lendu, taking on Foundation of TESL. Everyday I learn English, English, and more English. Is it hard? Hmm, I'd say, 50/50 ;)

Anyway, life here in college is good in my point of view :) I got lots of new friends, got to know cool seniors, and learn to be independent~ ^^ Sure, I, like others, did not adapt as soon as I get here. There's always the time to adjust oneself to new surroundings~

I'm currently in my friends's room, not yet asleep despite having a class on 8.30 am tomorrow. haha. Ah well, things will work out, somehow. =P My little toe is also hurt, as I got a blister there. It hurts... :( but, I can still walk and stuff, so no big deal~^^

Well, I think that will be it for now. I REALLY got to go to sleep or else I won't wake up tomorrow. Hahaha.

Goodnight all. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

First Interview

Right~ today is the 1st interview of ma life xD Okay, that was nerve wrecking... I mean, it's my first choice, my first interview and all... who wouldn't be nervous right? Anyway, I can't talk for much today, I gtg prepare myself for da interview. I woke up super early for it xD well, wush me luck~^^

Friday, April 22, 2011


Right. Keyword for today, I'm confused. I was sent a notification message from UiTM, that I was accepted for an interview for the TESL course there, at Shah Alam. So I tried to confirm the notif with the internet and guess what? the letter on the net said that the date for the interview is on the 16 th of April. That's like a long time ago. =.= but the SMS notif said that I were to go on the interview on 25 th of April. So, which one is true actually? I was ransacking the whole net to see whether there is a second call for the interview, and I'm still searching. Curse the me who forgot to check up on the TESL interviews.

But well, even if I don't get this one, I still got the maktab interview, though of course, it was my 2nd choice...I so badly wnant the TESL course, but if I were too late.... then, well... maybe it wasn't meant for me... ;.;

Okay enough rant. I'm off to go searching around the net once more. See ya! And wish me luck if I get to go to both of the interviews,kay? :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Today, I opened up my long abandoned blog(lol), and re-read all my entries, simply cuz I'm bored... so, I came across my last entry, the one saying that I want to be independent. I am wondering whether I'll be able to do that... somehow, it seems far-fetched... but maybe I could, if given the right circumstances maybe... :)

Anyway, I don't really intend on making this a melancholic blog, but maybe its just part of my nature to be sort of melancholic, given my situation, and I just finished reading a sad story, so I guess its inevitable ;)~

I love the weather today,...it was raining... not only that its a perfect weather to sleep in, but also because it provides me a sense of calmness. A sense of state to just relax, and don't think about anything for a while. Of course, stuff like that are short-lived...it is gone as soon as it came. But I love rain, heavy ones, especially... I don't know why though, but it just seems enticing to me. It helps in calming down these seemingly chaotic mind, which is a nice feeling...

A random thought but, I was wondering why sometimes its hard for us to just talk to someone. Of course, that may have been because of a number of reasons, but still... the feeling of wanting to do something yet you can't... it's.... a bit annoying, isn't it? oh well... I guess its a thing that applies as the principle of 'to each their own'... :)

Well, that will be all from me, ttyl~ ^^

Friday, February 11, 2011


Today is... so tired.... Idk why tho, maybe today is one of those rare days that I got to go out and stuff, and since I didn't do that often, my body felt tired,LOL. Ah well, it was worh it anyway. I totally went on a shopping spree, though my term of 'shopping spree' might not be the same as other's. That is, my shopping consists of books, anime, food... haha I sound like a geek somewhat.
Well anyways, today is too tiring that I can barely lift a finger. Well, not really, I can still type. xD
Though now I just want to...sleep. So, goodnite~ :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yume (dream)

Hmm random thought/rant, but I've been having weird dreams lately. Last night I dreamt of a species of the green iguana, I think, at least, that's what it looks like..and it was long, very long... O.o Then, there was this weird wolf-like creature, and they both were like ambushing me and my family, and we have no way out. But then my uncle, (pft..LOL xD) saves the day, by uhh... throwing the weird creatures back up a tree~ (yes, weird I know). And so, the dream ends as I woke up...haha~

Man, that is a weird dream...=.= my imaginations ran too wild while I sleep, I guess..LOL~

Hitsuzen (destiny)

"The moment I met you is not a coincidence, but is a fate. So now I wonder, where will this 'fate' lead me?" <--- Quote of the day, made by yours truly ~

So, I guess the topic today will be fate/destiny. Fated or destined meetings, to be precise. So, anyone believe in that? As cliche as it might sound, I do believe in them. Probably the influence of xxxHOLiC(its a manga and anime, for those who don't know), but I do find fated meetings to be true. This is because that particular meeting will cause a chain reaction,that sometimes can change one's life, be it in a good or bad way, only the parties involved will decide the flow.

I'm pretty sure you will be thinking, what makes me so sure about that? Do I have proof? Or is it mere words? Hmm, in terms of life changing meetings, no, I have yet to experience that but, if it's the ones who helped me learn things in life, then that's a yes.

If it is referring to my quote, it is more inclined towards love. But one must know, a fated meeting is not restricted to love only, but also friendship. In my case, for instance, in my 17 years of life, I have encountered many fated meetings, both in the form of love and friendship. My friendship teaches me, that friends for life does exist, but there's also what we call...fake friends. Those who put on facades in front of us. There's loyal friends too, who stick with you at all times. However,friends can also have things they don't like with us, no matter how good a friend they are. But that is something inevitable, as no one is perfect.

[to be continued]

~My Name~

This is a random thing my friend gave to me. These are supposedly to be the definitions of my name, Sarah~ ^^

A quiet, sensitive girl. Loves animals and loves to be with people. Not selfish and thinks of others constantly. Doesn't always revolve her life around guys, and thinks education is more important.

A cool girl, generally pretty, smart and funny. Into expressing herself through music, art, and or acting. Fun to be around, and even though she may not know it, she is loved by everyone. People who hate her, either hate her for something she did or hate her out of jealousy. She's very romantic and a little bookish, but can also be sexy when she wants to. Usually very happy/positive, unless something emotionally or mentally crushing happens.

Means "princess" in hebrew. Sarahs are fun to be around and don't care what others think about them. They are loyal and trustworthy and have a good sense of humor. They are bold, brave, and attractive, but certainly not perfect (then again who is?). Overall you'll want to spend your time with them and get to know them better. You learn things about yourself through them and appreciate having them in your life. Still dont be fooled, they can have an attitude if they don't agree with something- mostly its sarcasm so either accept the remarks or just ignore them.


After 2 years of being dormant, I have now come back here, with starting afresh for my blog,. and all credits goes to my Shahirah, as she's the one who persuaded me to come back, and taught me things here. Thanks a lot dear, I owe you one ;)

~well, do enjoy my blogs, and thanks for reading~

- I'm so formal, lol~ xD