Friday, April 22, 2011


Right. Keyword for today, I'm confused. I was sent a notification message from UiTM, that I was accepted for an interview for the TESL course there, at Shah Alam. So I tried to confirm the notif with the internet and guess what? the letter on the net said that the date for the interview is on the 16 th of April. That's like a long time ago. =.= but the SMS notif said that I were to go on the interview on 25 th of April. So, which one is true actually? I was ransacking the whole net to see whether there is a second call for the interview, and I'm still searching. Curse the me who forgot to check up on the TESL interviews.

But well, even if I don't get this one, I still got the maktab interview, though of course, it was my 2nd choice...I so badly wnant the TESL course, but if I were too late.... then, well... maybe it wasn't meant for me... ;.;

Okay enough rant. I'm off to go searching around the net once more. See ya! And wish me luck if I get to go to both of the interviews,kay? :)

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