Monday, July 30, 2012

A fortnight babysitter~

Yes yes, it's been a heck of a long time. Sorry.. been really........... lazy xD
aaannywayy, I ended my Foundation safely already and was accepted to UTM for my degree~ YAY xD

But today, the story is not that.

Its about me being a  babysitter.

Yep, a babysitter.

For approx 2 weeks.

And being someone who never really took care of kids, it's hella tiring, I tell you.

Alright, so I have a very cute niece. Scratch that, two cute nieces~ and they're staying over for 2 weeks till sis is out from her days of confinement.

So lemme introduce the lil cuties~

First and foremost: The elder sister, named Yasmin Farhana.

Alright~! Ni lah dye Yasmin Farhana. A very active one year old toddler, I got my hands full with her!
She tends to be quite cute tho, so sometimes I don't mind if I have to take care of her. She learns quickly, and her favorite things are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Boboi Boy's theme song, her small teddy that have been with her since she was born, and a green ball she likes to play with. A trick I learned to shut her up when she cries is to play ball with her. She'll still cry a bit, but she'll quiet down eventually ;) She had a loud voice, a trait inherited from her mum's side of the family, and she resembles her father a lot. (tho I say otherwise xD)
Right now she's sleeping, so I have some free time to surf the net. xD

Secondly, the little sister; Fatihah Maisara;

(ignore the caption lol)

This is taken when she was just a day old. A veeerryyy cute baby, and don't give much fuss, so she's a fairly easy baby to take care off. Then again, my job is more to Yasmin rather than Fatihah, cuz the latter is taken care by sis. She sleeps a lot, and only wakes up when she's hungry (then again, all babies do that, rite?).
Similarly like her sister, when she cries, she's capable of waking the whole house up lol xD

So yeah, my fortnight's schedule (starting from a few days ago) is tweaked a bit. I slept hella late, often after sahur, or else I won't wake up xD and wake up around 11 or 12 to mind the shop. Occasionally I'll be washing their milk bottles, putting them to sleep, playing with them till they're exhausted and pretty much what a normal babysitter do.

Hav to say tho, it's quite tiring to mind them when I'm fasting, but since I can't skip on both, I just go with it. And hey, I'm part of their family, so a bit of helping out is part of my responsibility anyway. So I'm good with it~

So that's it for today, I'm going to take a bit of a nap, to conserve some energy when the little bundle of hyperness wakes up to play. :P

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