Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rant for (myself)

0348. And am not asleep. 

But I will in a minute, after this post.


It might be odd coming from me myself, but frankly, I... don't like myself.

I would've said hate, but hate is such a strong word, innit? I do not like myself, yes, but not to the point of wholeheartedly hating myself.

Cuz, that's just silly, rite?

What I don't like about me the most is, I never learn. Haha. No matter how you put it, my heart, and sometimes my mind, is stubborn. Hard-hearted. Towards what I think is true.

That's annoying right? The way where it seems that your body, your mind, and your heart ain't synch-ing with each other. Each have their own little piece of mind to argue with each other.

See, I never liked being someone else's interferer,  or at least that's almost it since I lack the proper word to describe it. I don't get why I shouldn't just stay in my boundary and not... you know, interfere with others.

But hell if I actually obeyed to that philosophy.

Cuz like I said, I'm stubborn, in ways that I shouldn't be.

I should be strong in protecting my cheek from being wet by tears.

but my strength lies in a place where I should never have put any strength in.

I guess I'm just an idiot that never learns, no matter what happens. Na?

Tonikaku, kono mama ni ugokenaide. Nami to isshouni nagareteiku ho ga ii.

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