Monday, June 10, 2013


I really wish, you'd have more faith in me, sayang.

Maybe, it seemed that I went a little bit overboard, but love, I still know where I stand. I've been reminded so much of where I stand, it's already carved deep inside me.

Maybe, I seemed a little too close for comfort. But comfort was the only thing I am looking for. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Maybe, I seemed a little too eager for my own good, but those eagerness does not bring hidden meanings in them.

I know, I understand. You were just reminding, for my own good. You saw me fell and you don't want me to slip again, I understand.

And I am not mad for that. Instead, I thank you. It's a simple practice of "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". I know.

Cuma sayang, aku mohon cuma satu. Aku tak kisah kalau aku yang merasai. Aku cuma tak mahu orang lain sakit sebab aku.

Cuz you see, it's very hard for me to be comfortable with new people.

If how I am behaving right now is wrong, then I'll promise I'll behave. So just, keep it normal. I won't be slipping to where I shouldn't. Don't make the person uncomfortable because of me.

Because apparently I do that a lot.

So please, just this once, could you help me?

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